Is This One Thing The Key To Getting Whiter Teeth Without Sensitivity?

Whiter teeth without sensitivity… using an ingredient in your kitchen?

According to Dr. Koroush Maddahi, one of the top dentists in the world, the secret to achieving whiter teeth, fresher breath, and healthier gums may be in your cupboard right now.

"Most whitening products will destroy the enamel on your teeth, and the damage is permanent. But this new method is free, easy, and best of all, causes no damage to enamel whatsoever."

According to Dr. Maddahi — who recently appeared on The Doctors, Extra, Extreme Makeover, and has over 30 years of experience treating patients in Beverly Hills — certain medications may actually be the true cause of yellowish teeth, cavities, gum discomfort, and tooth sensitivity.

This, in turn, leads people to seek whitening strips, whitening toothpastes, and peroxide treatments... which can damage tooth enamel and gums even more, making dental problems worse.

Fortunately, by simply doing one thing, Dr. Maddahi has seen thousands of people defeat these troubling conditions. Dr. Maddahi actually discovered this trick — which anybody can do, right in their kitchen — while trying to improve his own patient's dental health.

"It's easy, and you don’t need to change your current brushing or flossing habits. It only takes about a minute a day," Maddahi said on a call with reporters and industry experts.

Dr. Maddahi, a world-famous expert in dental health, says he's found a simple way to achieve whiter teeth and healthier gums without causing any sensitivity, and anybody can do it.

Now, for the first time ever, Dr. Maddahi has created a short video where he explains everything about the true cause of dental issues, including how people can naturally fix them, on their own, right from home.

The video is presented below by Dr. Maddahi, free and uninterrupted.

So far, the reviews have been stunning, with viewers saying their teeth improved in a matter of weeks or even days, with zero sensitivity.

One viewer commented: "This is amazing!! My teeth literally look like I get them professionally whitened! I noticed a difference with the third rinse. Then kept going for a week and I started getting compliments on my smile.”

Of course, Dr. Maddahi’s announcement was met with some hesitation. We spoke to some dental health experts who attended the call, who advised that people keep their expectations realistic.

"This idea is great, and he’s a really well respected dentist and researcher," said one dental expert in attendance. "But try it first. This is helping a lot of people, but it’s rare that you find one thing that works for everyone."

Watch his presentation here.